What funds will the business require during planning period

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Task: Assume you are about to start a business. Put together a preliminary financial plan that addresses the financial planning questions below:

What business am I in?

Should I be in it five years from now?

What funds will the business require during the planning period?

How much money should I invest in technology and new plant and equipment over the next decade?

When will the business need additional funds?

Will I have cash available to meet long-term obligations? Where will I obtain the necessary funds?

Reference no: EM13820388

Ethical standards

In the reading, "DNR in the OR: Ethical Concerns and Hospital Policies," what ethical standard is being followed? Be specific and support your opinion. List a few ways that pr

How much repayment of principal was included

Jan sold her house on December 31 and took a $5,000 mortgage as part of the payment. The 10-year mortgage has a 11% nominal interest rate, but it calls for semiannual payments

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You manage the chemical stockroom at Enterprise Pharmaceuticals. Chemicals are purchased and stored centrally. Departments are billed for whatever they use. It is your job to

What are the Cp and Cpk values for this process

The specification for the ebony handle of a walking stick calls for a length of 6.0 inches ± .2 inches. The standard deviation of the process is estimated to be 0.05 inches. W

Productive time for breaks and machine downtime

A certain customer has placed an order for 50,000 gizmos that need to be produced during the next five days. If the factory operates a single eight-hour shift, what is the tak

Traditional-agile schedule developments are quite different

As we have seen, traditional and Agile schedule developments are quite different. Agile project management was originally developed to do software development. Could a traditi

Reduce resistance to system change-ERP implementation plans

What are some of the effective tools you may use to reduce resistance to system change and increase awareness of your ERP implementation plans? Share your experience if you ha

Summarize skills-competencies required for positions listed

Write a report that includes the references to the job ads you reviewed. Describe the positions you reviewed. Summarize the skills and competencies required for the positions


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