What exactly is a scholarly source

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What, exactly, is a “scholarly source”? What is “peer review” (who is a peer)? What makes a “peer-reviewed journal” different from other sources of information?

Reference no: EM131224593

How this bias might be exhibited in the field of health care

Describe one decision-making scenario that illustrates how this bias might be exhibited in the field of health care (i.e. direct patient care, health care management, etc.). R

Undue burden on employers required to comply with the act

Present a persuasive argument as to whether the employee leave granted by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) represents an undue burden on employers required to comply wi

Factors can cloud our decision making in ethical dilemma

How might an African government apply Porter's National Competitive Advantage Diamond to further spur cellular phone specialization within a country? How does culture affect a

What does it mean to create a signature experience

Reflect on the Harvard Business School reading and podcast What it Means to Work Here, (found in your coursepak) as well as the examples provided in the article Culture Drives

Definitions of overweight and obese

Compare various definitions of overweight and obese: compare US government definitions vs. the social construction of obese. What clothing size is a Plus size for men and wo

What amount of the partnerships loss

The partnership agreement for Smith, Wesson & Davis, a general partnership, provided that profits be shared between the partners in the ratio of their financial contributions

Changing nature of health care reform

Analyze the changing nature of health care reform. Evaluate the impact of these changes on workforce demands and the role of human resource. Support your post with specific

Construct a hierarchy to present the decision problem

A motorist is using the AHP to choose a new car from three possible models: an Arrow, a Bestmobile and a Commuter. The choice will be based on just two attributes, Cost and


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