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Answer the following questions. Give as much detail and information to answer the questions.

1. What elements are necessary to have a valid contract? If I offered to give each student a grade of A for the class if they attended all classes and turned in their work would this be a valid contract that Students could enforce?

2. Rob ordered widgets for his company to use for the production of new equipment. The truck that was transporting the widgets was in an accident and the widgets were damaged before they were delivered to John. Who is responsible for the damages and what rules apply to this situation?

3. After purchasing a computer from Best Buy and taking it home, Mark discovers that the computer is not performing as promised. It is not as fast as it should be and it does not have the necessary programs that he needs to run his business. What are the legal remedies that Mark can pursue against Best Buy?

4. Charlene purchased a compact satellite dish as a part of a contract to obtain satellite television service. Charlene owns a small bar and plans to use the dish and cable service in her bar. The contract provided that she pay $200.00 for the dis, after which she would receive 12 months of television service through the satellite dish at no charge. After 12 months, in order to receive continued service she would have to pay the company's regular price of $21,00, or her dish would be disabled. The dish is specially manufactured such that id can only receive only signals provided by the company that provided her with the dish. The company installed the dish in Charlene's bar as provided in the contract. For the first couple of months, Charlene was happy with the service.

It was less expensive than regular cable television and quality f the picture was superior. In the fourth month of the contract, Charlene began having problems. First, the dish became slightly warped. Second the signals began to fail frequently, at least once a week when bar patrons are not watching. The warping of the dis appears to have affected the quality of the picture. Charlene had a friend hold the dish and push it into its original shape, while Charlene watched the television and the picture improved as long as the friend held the dish. The company refuses to address Charlene's complaints. Discuss whether the Uniform commercial Code or common law would apply in resolving each of Charlene's problems.

Reference no: EM131125090

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