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Managerial Writing Final Exam

1. As a Logistics major, Sara felt well equipped for her first assignment for her summer internship in a large Accounting firm. All she had to do was compile the research results of three vendors to recommend to her boss for a major contract. Her task was to present the findings in a short report. Sara had always done well on her classroom assignments, and she felt that she was a competent writer. Therefore, she was unprepared for her supervisor's comments on her finished report: "The information is fine, Sara, but your report just isn't written in an appropriate managerial style for us. Also, you need better document design. With all the long paragraphs and sentences, the many fonts and colors, the formal diction, the passive voice - it just takes forever to read! Really, it is quite boring!"

Since Sara works closely with you, she sends you an email asking you these questions:

• Why doesn't writing a report the way I always wrote term papers work?
• What does the supervisor mean by "style" and document design?
• Isn't good writing always good writing, no matter where you are?
• What do I have to do to write an acceptable report for my job?

In a memo, respond to Sara's question by explaining good managerial writing style. Use specific examples to illustrate your general points. (Note: Don't limit yourself to just answering the questions in the order given; there's more to cover than just what Sara has asked. Write a well-organized, coherent memo. (1-2 pages)

2. As the most recent member of the XYZ staff to receive any formal training in Managerial writing, you have been asked to give a workshop entitled "Managerial Communication: A necessity for Success" as part of the company's management training program. The coordinator wants you to cover the basics in just one afternoon. You can organize the time any way you want, and the company will pay for the materials you may need. All 15 participants have had some college-level writing courses, but they were not necessarily communication or writing courses. Write a memo pages to the coordinator explaining the topics you will include and the rationale for choosing these topics. Make your discussion as specific as possible. You may make XYZ any type of company you wish.

3. Read the supplemental article in the text on page 382 by Matthew O'Rouke entitled: "Using E-Sensors to Improve Nonverbal Communication in Business." In a memo, give an overview of the article and answer the 2 Discussion questions on page 399.

4. Specifically, how has this class helped you to become a better communicator, writer and leader? In a 1-2 page memo discuss what you have learned about Managerial Communication. We specifically covered about 15 major topics and many other minor topics. You are expected to choose at least 5 of these topics to discuss. (memo addressed to me)

Some example topics are listed below:

• Contemporary Managerial Writing
• Management Reports and Proposals
• Managerial Listening and Managerial Negotiation
• Nonverbal Communication and Conflict Management
• Conducting Interviews and Managing Meetings and Teams
• Making Formal Presentations

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This assignment deals with the various techniques of documenting a managerial writing. It discusses the methods that need to be remembered and employed while writing such documents and what makes them better. It also talks about managerial communication and its importance. In the end, it notes the teachings of this class of managerial writing.

Reference no: EM131296288

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