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Using simple linear regression, test whether age when first married (agewed) related to total family income (income91). Report the R-Value. What does the R-Value mean? What is the R-square value, and what does that mean? Finally state the regression equation.

You'll need SPSS to answer this question



Reference no: EM13721199

Determine the probability of getting a positive test result

A certain disease is found in one person in 5000. If a person does have the disease, the test will show a positive result 93% of the time. If a person does not have the

Determine child care costs for working parents

List all necessary assumptions and indicate which might be suspect. Also perform a non-parametric analysis. Verify your results using SAS - Determine the subset of variables

What are the assumptions of a one-way anova

Define between-groups variance and within-groups variance. How are they different? Which one do we want to be larger in the ANOVA -  What are the assumptions of a one-way ANO

Hypotheses are created before the data is examined

In statistics, usually hypotheses are created before the data is examined. However, in today's high data output environment, many findings may be examined further after the da

A purchasing agent at the kelly bread company

A purchasing agent at the Kelly Bread Company wants to estimate the mean daily usage of rye flour. She takes a sample for 50 straight days and finds that the sample mean is 18

What are three possible cause and effect relationships

You observe that classmates who get good grades tend to sit toward the front of the classroom, and those who receive poorer grades tend to sit toward the back.- What are thr

Decision making problems under uncertainty

1. What techniques are used to solve decision making problems under uncertainty? Which technique results is an optimistic decision? Which techniques results in pessimis

What have you learned about statistics

What have you learned about statistics - In developing your responses, consider - at a minimum - and discuss the application of each of the course elements in analyzing and


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