What do you think kate chopin felt about marriage

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i also need theese questions to be answered in the essay

1) Write a brief summary of the plot:

2) Describe Mrs. Mallard's emotional state when she is told of her husband's death. Make your own statement and then support it with one or two lines directly from the story.

3) At what point does she experience an emotional shift? Copy the line(s) in the story that captures it.

4) What does she realize about herself and her future as the story progresses?

5) What symbolism does Kate Chopin employ to reinforce the main character's new outlook? Pay close attention to what's outside the window of her room. Copy the phrases and lines here.

6) Why is she called Mrs. Mallard at the beginning of the story but Louise later on? What is Kate Chopin suggesting?

7) What do you think Kate Chopin felt about marriage? Where in the story do you see evidence of this?

8) This story has an IRONIC ending. What is the irony? Why did Mrs. Mallard die? Why do the witnesses think she died?

9. Sum up Kate Chopin's message in one or two sentences.

Reference no: EM13880161

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