What do you think about the dilemma facing mark miller

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mark miller . chiefexective officer of jefferson genral hospital , has some tough decisions to make in the future. jefferson genral is a stand - alone , not-for orofit hospital that has a long and proud tradition of serving the community in wich it operates. it was founded in the midst of the great depression as jefferson county hospital andremained under public control for more than 50years then, in 1986, after years of losses ,the county decided that it coul no longerafford to operate the hospital, and it subsequently converted the hospital from a public to a private entity. at that time , Mark was brought in as the CEO,after a shaky start, he was able to turn the hospital in to a moneymaker. still ,he wasaware of the hospitals roots, and he made sure that the hospital continued its original mission of providing healthcare service to the needy , regardless of their ability to pay .

what do you think about the dilemma facing mark miller? Does this case present an ethical issue? if so, to which party or parties? if you could act as the ultimate authority in this situation, what would you do?


Reference no: EM13262989

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