What do you see as their distinctive competencies

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Zara,the Spanish clothing company, has a number of "distinctive" competencies. With references to Chapters 8 and 9, discuss these issues. Use at least two acceptable references.:

a. How is Zara's product development process different from their competitors?

b. Where are vulnerabilities that may exist for them in the future? How can they prepare themselves?

c. What do you see as their "distinctive" competencies?

Reference no: EM131423349

Determine whether a wbs is necessary for every project

Determine whether a WBS is necessary for every project irrespective of its scope. Do you think a WBS is needed for a project where the scope is only to renovate the living r

Analysing the important features of qube

After reading further background material on the company and relevant case studies on related companies, prepare a 2300 -2500 word report analysing the important features of

Discuss the meaning of resource overallocation

Discuss the meaning of resource overallocation, and what if there was no “automatic resource leveling” option on MS Project, how would you resolve this issue manually?

Discuss the marketing and supply chain risks

Describe at least two strategies that a firm can use to overcome the challenges associated with transportation infrastructure congestion and why does customer service not inc

Calculate the response to selection

A population of sunflowers has an average time toflowering of 50 days.We select the sunflowers that floweredearliest; their average time to flowring is 35 days. We breed tho

What about their target consumers and customers

Do you like their service design? Why or why not? What about their target consumers and customers? Please listen to this podcast then think about business model from product/s

Impacts of federally mandated socioeconomic programs

In your opinion, what are some of the positive and negative impacts of federally mandated socioeconomic programs, goals, and quotas within the federal government contracting

Describe a situation you experienced as a consumer

Describe a situation you experienced as a consumer with either an out-of-stock condition or when an expected delivery was delayed. How was the situation communicated to you


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