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McMinn Book Review Instructions

You will complete a book review of Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by McMinn that consists of 4 sections, each with a current APA heading. Use the provided template which has a correct title page, headings, and examples of in-text citations, and reference page (McMinn listed as the reference). You will not use any additional sources for this paper.


The McMinn book can be divided into 2 broad "parts." The first part comprises chapters 1-2 and in those chapters, McMinn lays down a foundationfor the rest of the book. In your summary of the first 2 chapters, explain the essential elements in McMinn's approach to the integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality into counseling. If you had to identify the most important concepts in McMinn's foundation, what would they be? Present your points clearly, with ideas organized by paragraphs.

The second part of the book comprises the applicationchapters (chapters 3-8). In your summary of these chapters, identify the most important elements of each chapter that best characterize McMinn's approach to integration. Consider using a separate paragraph for the summary points from each of the chapters. For length, the first section of your paper should be the longest section (1-2+ pages suggested).

Personal Reflection

We often remember what speaks to us personally. Pick out a few concepts from McMinn that most resonated with you and tell us why they touched you personally. Make sure you provide a clear tie-in to a main point from McMinn. Do not just tell a personal story prompted by secondary points - stick to the main ideas. Make this section approximately 1 page.


What did you find truly unique about McMinn's approach? What was most helpful? What suggestions from McMinn will be most difficult to utilize in your own counseling? In this section, pick out 3-5 unique ideas (generally not found in every other book on Christian counseling) and explain why you found them unique, or difficult, absolutely essential, or impossible to apply, etc.

Highlight the 3-5 unique points to make them obvious to the reader and make this section approximately 1 page. What you write in this section must exhibit that you read this book thoughtfully.


Think of how you would apply concepts from this book to your work as a human services counselor. First, briefly describe the setting in which you will most likely work (or presently do work)-community services agency, hospital, adoption agency, church counseling center, probation office, etc. Then for your particular agency, list at least 5 important concepts from McMinn that you most likely will apply in your work on that setting. Briefly explain how you would apply McMinn's concepts.

Why did you choose those particular concepts? You could also explain the challenges you might face as you seek to integrate psychology/theology/spirituality into your human services counseling. In this section, provide a numbered list of concepts. This section should be approximately 1 or more pages.

Keep in mind that while the template with correct and current APA formatting is provided, you must present your ideas using professional (graduate level) writing. Writing quality will count for 15 points of your total. Note that page length is suggested; you will not be penalized for going over the suggested length unless the longer length reveals poor writing. Sections shorter

Reference no: EM131412675

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