What current assets are included in the balance sheet
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Assignment looks at a real world example of financial statements filed by companies with SEC.
Company: AAPL

1. Find the balance sheet and notes to the financial statements in the most recent FORM 10-K for your publicly traded company. The Form 10-K can be located by going to the home page of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Then under ‘Filings", select "Company Filings Search" and then under "Fast Search", enter the Ticker Symbol of your company. Get the most recent Form 10-K filed by clicking on "Interactive Data".

Answer the following questions (you must also post the link to your company files along with your answers):

a. What current assets are included in the balance sheet?
b. What method does the company use to value inventory?
c. What depreciation method does the company use?
d. What assets other than current assets and property, plant, and equipment are included on the balance sheet?
e. What current liabilities are included on the balance sheet?
f. Does the company have long-term debt? How much?
g. Does the company have commitments and contingencies? If so, what commitments does the company have and for what amount is the company committed?
h. What shareholders' equity accounts are included in the balance sheet?


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