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A homebuyer had a new small deck built (cost $4.500), but the deck had places where the boards were not flush, and both the homeowner and guests have tripped on certain places on the deck. The homeowner has tried to get the installer of the deck to repair the issue, but to no avail. What court system could the homeowner use to resolve the problem? Explain what procedures the homeowner must follow, including what could the homeowner do if unsuccessful there (and possibly subsequent levels)?

Reference no: EM13835308

Write a memorandum outlining the issues of this given case

Write a memorandum outlining the issues of this case, including the crimes that the defendants (both Helen and Allen) can reasonably be charged with. If any facts are unclea

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Discuss the influence that the peer group, family, academic performance, and poverty have on juvenile offending. Provide information on which of these factors may influence

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Contrary to common law, today, in most, if not all states, a person cannot use deadly force in the defense of their property. Do you agree with this challenge. Should a prop

Why this behavior consistent with size maximizing government

The Leviathan theory suggests that governments will intentionally select large proposed spending levels and default levels that are well below the desired level of spending.

List the issues and state the laws applicable

List The issues and state the laws applicable. Kyle took your advice and decided not to spend the money to fight for his claim to "KFC.com" as the domain name for his new prod

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Identify the purpose of law. Identify the five principles of law from the text. Identify how the law is written. Provide information (definition, casuistry, apodictic) on how

Conduct a search on westlaw

What sources would you use in order for you to represent him to the best of your ability? Describe your research process. Conduct a search on Westlaw. Provide one source that

What steps or actions would you or should you take

Give an example of a situation in the criminal justice field in which a moral or ethical dilemma could be presented to you. Provide factual detail for your situation. For th


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