What basic components are essential to the system

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Choose an example of a specific population of patients utilizing long-term care. Then conduct an online search about policies affecting them and provide the information requested in the chart below. Examples of specific populations could be seniors, disabled adults, disabled children, patients with AIDS, etc. Examples of policies affecting them could be HCBS (Home and Community-Based Services),Community Mental Health Block Grants, and programs available through state divisions of developmental disabilities

Short Paper."



*Affected Populations

(children, elderly, mentally ill, physically disabled, etc.)


Service Organization and Delivery

Regulation to ensure service quality

Health resources available

Prepare a 3 page, double-spaced paper (not including title page and references section) that addresses the following scenario.

You may use information from the textbook, the Internet, interviews, as well as other sources.

Cite a minimum of four reliable sources.

Your paper should demonstrate insight into discussing issues

Scenario: You are the director of continuing care services for St. Timothy's Health Care System, a multilevel system consisting of an array of acute and long-term services. You have been given the task of developing an information system that will track clients over time and place.

The system will be used for clinical, financial, and management purposes.

What basic components are essential to the system?

What challenges and barriers do you anticipate will be encountered in planning and implementing the system?

What are the first steps you will take to design the system?

What recent external developments enhance and impede your project?

Reference no: EM13280269

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