What average number of accounts must each new rep? acquire

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Tyson Foods is the largest U.S. beef and chicken? supplier, processing more than? 100,000 head of cattle and? 40-plus million chickens weekly. Primary distribution channels are supermarket meat departments.? However, the company is now expanding distribution into convenience stores. There are almost? 150,000 gas stations and convenience stores where the company would like to sell hot Buffalo chicken bites near the checkout. This is a promising? channel, as sales are growing considerably at these retail outlets and profit margins on prepared foods are higher than selling raw meat to grocery stores. Tyson will have to hire eighteen eighteen more sales representatives at a salary of ?$ 45 comma 000 45,000 each to expand into this distribution channel because many of these types of stores are independently owned. Each convenience store is expected to generate an average of ?$ 75 comma 000 75,000 in revenue for Tyson. If? Tyson's contribution margin is 30 30 percent on this? product, the sales should increase by ?$ 2 comma 700 comma 000 2,700,000 to break even. How many new retail accounts must the company acquire to break even on this? tactic? What average number of accounts must each new rep? acquire?

The number of new retail accounts is . ?(Round to the nearest whole? number.)

Reference no: EM132234603

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