What are the two best skills you bring as a teammate

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My project is to survey problems and propose improvements at my new job as an employee (a dispatcher) at Flight Services and Systems (FSS) at Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts. Since I am a new, entry-level employee at this job, my project will consist largely of observing problems, asking questions, and, at the end, writing up my recommendations for improvements at the job, for this course. I am trying to learn policies and observe actual operations at all levels that I have exposure to.

Write a brief answer to this question that includes content you might use in a cover letter or an interview when you are applying for your next job. Include the following:

1-Three strengths you have in relationship to leadership skills

2-One example of a significant past accomplishment unrelated to the current project

3-How would people working on your team describe you in one sentence?

4-What are the 2 best skills you bring as a teammate?

5-Name one mistake you have made that became a great learning experience.

6-What are the first steps that an online study team should take to accomplish a project? Propose what your team should do in the next few days to get started on the project for the Week 7 DB assignment (read the directions first).

Reference no: EM131275375

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