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The research and analysis of a chosen case study will form the basis of ongoing research and application of the theories of organisational behaviour. Students will examine behaviour patterns, will determine the effectiveness of organisational structures and consider what influence perceptions and motivation have on organisational success within the hospitality context. Students will be required to examine power structures and consider the internal politics of organisations, from the workings of teams through to the influence of specific leadership styles, as applicable. This assessment requires students to stretch their knowledge by making recommendations relevant to the case study outlined.

Assessment brief:

The following assessment is based one of the available case studies on Moodle, as used in Assessment 1: Case Study Discussion (you can choose any of the case studies, you do not have to use the one your group discussed).

Your task is to use one (1) of the available Case Studies as a base from which you will research and apply suitable theories of organisational behaviour.

Using the Case Study consider the following:

- The fundamental issues present in the case study

- What theories are demonstrated?

- What are the specific communication issues? Explain with reference to relevant theories

- How might this situation have been different? Make recommendations to ensure the organisation learns from this situation.

Reference no: EM13853202

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