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The Millennium Valve Project

Pointp Products manufactures valves for controlling the water level in industrial tanks. It had concentrated on products for the construction industry (valves for newly installed tanks), but now wants to move into the much larger and more lucrative replacement market. Whereas annual demand for new valves is about 100000, it is about 1 million for replacement valves. The company's President Ulrich Fitch envisioned a new valve, the Millennium Valve, as a way to gain a share in the tank-valve replacement market. Pointp's objective was to design and produce the Millennium Valve to be of superior quality and lower cost than the competition.

Question 1: What are the issues/ problems in the case and what is the key issue or problem?

Question 2: What are the short term and long term (strategic) objectives for resolving this case?

Question 3: Outline an implementation plan for the achievement of the objectives- short term and long term.

1050 words

5 references

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Reference no: EM131126639

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