What are the problems associated with bridge widening method

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In bridge widening projects, the method of stitching is normally employed for connecting existing deck to the new deck. What are the problems associated with this method in terms of shrinkage of concrete?

Reference no: EM13308057

Determine the slenderness ratio

Determine the slenderness ratio of a 5 m column with built in ends if its cross- section is (a) circular with a radius of 40mm and (b) 50 mm square. Use the concept of effec

Show why the overall code is uniquely decodable

By considering a string of 1020 binary symbols into the encoder, show that the number of occurrences of b per input symbol is, with very high probability, very close to 0.1.

Determine what is the discharge of each hole

a water of 20 c temprature pupped at 75 kpa to a perforated pipe 5 cm dia. contain 10 hole with the same diameter. the distance between two adjacent hole is 20 cm. what is t

Estimate the direct runoff in inches for a design storm

Of this total, 2000 acres are residential(CN=68), 500 acres are industrial (CN=88), and 2500 acres are forest with good cover (CN=55). For a design storm of with a total pre

Find the magnitude of the force on one side of plate

A rectangular plate 5ft by 4ft is at an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal, and the 5-ft side is horizontal. Find the magnitude of the force on one side of the plate an

Determine what is the flexural strength of the rod

A 3-point bending test is performed on a 10 mm diameter rod of Silicon Carbide. The distance between the supports is one foot. If the load at fracture is 10,000N, what is th

What is the step method for drawing raft foundation

A long line of burning agricultural waste emits 0.3 g/m/s of particulate matter on a clear fall afternoon with winds blowing 3 m/s perpendicular to the line. Estimate the grou

Find the speed of mass b for a given speed of mass a

A moves downward a distance of 3.6 ft, and mass B moves a distance x. What is the value of x 2. Find the speed of mass B for a given speed of mass A The system is released f


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