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Choose an editorial article  from the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Browse the library and choose an editorial that addresses a business issue that interests you. 

Course material; Boss, J. A. (2012). Think: Critical thinking and logic skills for everyday life. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentationthat presents your analysis examining the critical thinking elements of the argument. Your presentation should address, at minimum, the following:  

  • Citation of the article and a brief summary of its contents
  • What are the premise(s) in the article?
  • What evidence is presented? Is it credible?
  • Can you independently verify the evidence presented?
  • How are counterarguments addressed?
  • Does the writer represent a particular interest? 
  • How is language used to develop the argument?
  • Do you detect any errors in knowledge, evidence, or thinking?
  • Does the writer use any types of appeals or commit any fallacies?
  • Overall, how compelling is this article?

  Be certain to carefully research your analysis using credible sources with proper citations.

Reference no: EM13843960

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