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Browning College is a private Midwestern liberal arts college with a national reputation for quality and innovation in curriculum and learning design. Recent rumors hint at serious emerging financial problems, in sharp contrast with the institution’s half-century of stable financial history. Edward Saylor, Browning’s controller, has scheduled a news conference for noon today. His objective is to get the financial problem rumors stopped by providing the news media with the necessary data and information. Mr. Saylor’s aide, Albert Cauldron, discovers an interesting situation while preparing for the news conference: there are significant differences between the board-approved budget and the budget currently being used. In fact, the current budget includes approximately $500,000 in additional expenditures that do not appear in the budget formally approved by the governing board. “I don’t want anyone else to get hold of this information, Albert,” directs Mr. Saylor. “Get a copy of our actual operating budget, and substitute it for the one attached to the board minutes giving approval. No one will know. The board members can’t remember details of the budget they approved. The public’s perception is more important than those details, and I’ve got to deal with a perception problem at that news conference today.” Albert hesitates, starts to speak but is cut short by Mr. Saylor’s directive: “OK, let’s get to it!” Please write a short business paper which addresses all or part of following issues: 1. What Are the Relevant Facts? 2. What Are the Ethical Issues? 3. What Are the Possible Alternatives? 4. What Are the Ethics of the Alternatives? Which ethical theories (utilitarian, rights, and justice) make the most sense to you as they relate to this situation? Please cite the ethical standards or moral theories to support your ideas. 5. What Are the Practical Constraints? 6. What Actions Should Be Taken? a. What action(s) should Albert take? b. Which alternative would you choose if you were in Albert's position? Why would you make that choice?

Reference no: EM131124586

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