What are the possible pitfalls of end user inclusion

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Question: Search "scholar.googlem" for a company or school that has defined the role of end-users in the creation of a contingency plan. Discuss why it is (or is not) important to include end users in the process of creating the contingency plan? What are the possible pitfalls of end user inclusion?

Reference no: EM132233683

Describe the costs and benefits alternative solutions

Describe the costs and benefits of each situation." So, as you would prefer for this meeting, perhaps you might anticipate questions that would be asked regarding this se

Design the created cell.

design a 2x2 cell array A with the following elements: 4x4 identity matrix; the string 'London is the largest city in world', the complex number (3+i*10); the array of N=20

Find user allowed to purchase particular restricted product

I need to create a simple age calculator to find if a user is allowed to purchase a particular restricted product. I need to model an abstract class to represent generic res

Develop and display your computer programming skills

Develop and display your computer programming skills using Visual Basic. The project consists of four (4) programming problems based on programming projects in your textbook

What is the maximum amount of gold extracted

A gold processor has two sources of gold ore, source A and source B. In order to keep his plant running, at least three tons of ore must be processed each day. What is the m

Draw the diagram of four-bit register with four d flip flops

Draw the diagram of a 4 bit register with four d flip flops and four 4x1 mutiplexers with mode selection inputs s1 and so the register operates according to the following f

Describe a process of making it more widely

Conflict-management techniques allow managers to control conflict levels (not only decrease but also increase them). choose a problem that disturbs you and is not solved.

What would the new tree look

The Binary Tree is one of the best ways to organize data while you need fast access. For this assignment, we will organize a list of names and perform various operations on


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