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Problem 1) The following data were collected on scores (out of a possible 100) for a pretest in quantitative methods. Using Excel's statistical functions complete the following questions.

95 75 68 45 25 18
102 67 65 62 17 15
99 87 94 49 37 54
88 120 81 48 70 31
100 71 104 50 21 54

a. What are the means for the two data sets?

b. What are the medians for the two data sets? Is there a difference or similarity between the mean and the median? Explain the similarity or difference.

c. What are the standard deviations for each of the data sets?

d. Construct a histogram for each data set, using 5 as your class width and starting with 60 as your West class for data set 1 and 10 for data set 2.

e. Relate the standard deviation you calculated in part c to your histograms in part d.

Problem 2) Eastern Airlines knows that 20% of its customers fly first class, 20% fly business class, and the rest fly coach. Of those customers who fly first class, 70% are from the East Coast while 30% are from elsewhere. In addition, of those customers who fly business class, 50% are from the East Coast and 50% are from elsewhere. Finally, of those customers that fly coach class, 75% are from elsewhere and 25% are from the East Coast.

a. Construct a probability tree for this problem.

b. Construct a probability table for this problem.

c. Determine the probability that a customer from the East Coast will fly first class.

d. What is the probability that a customer will be from the East Coast?

Reference no: EM131013913

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