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Based on the London interview with Margaret Wheatley, "The New Science of Leadership," write two-three paragraphs describing Wheatley's theories and perspectives of leadership and organizations.

What are the main points and theories discussed in the interview?
Can you give examples from your work life that reflect Wheatley's observations?
How do these ideas support or compare with the New Business Realities? Choose 1 Business Reality and elaborate.


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Leadership no doubt is an elusive process that includes an understanding of the context, effective ways of handling people motivate or encourage people for the shared job, and diverting the favors towards the execution of the requisite task. In particular, there are varieties of leadership style that include autocratic, participative, transactional and transformational, which differs in the mode of action by the leader or manager (Wheatley, 2002). Despite the scientific, psychological, and complexity theory used for explaining the leadership archetype, it is worthwhile to state that leadership is an inherent trait that emerges partially with human nature and perceptional state. The London interview with Margaret Wheatley explained mainly the opinion and insight of the followers that holds the key to effective leadership (Wheatley, 2013).

In context to the topic, Margaret describes “control” and “order” as two different entities which are common to find in the web of relationship. On contrary to this, she also said that based on the quantum science, we cannot predict any variable to be independent of its relationship. The variability in leadership is framed by simple formulae of change and change, which leads to a constant change in self-organization (Wheatley, 2002).

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