What are the main ethical issues in the given case

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Actually i have attached a case and there are 6 question need to be answered, u will see in the end of the case.

I need 3-4 pages paper by tommorrow exactly after 25 hours from the assignment post.

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1. What are the main ethical issues in the case?

2. Who is responsible for each of the ethical issues you have described? Why?

3. Who were the silent bystanders and what should they have done differently?

4. Is government regulation a sufficient mechanism for ensuring consumer safety? If not, what else is required?

5. Describe the short term, medium term, and long term costs of the ethical lapses at GM.

6. Describe the strategic steps that GM's CEO, Mary Barra, should take in restoring GM's performance, image and reputation as the No. 1 automaker.


Reference no: EM131273807

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