What are the main arguments ben is trying to counter

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Assessment Task 1: Part A: Individual Action Plan from GVV


Length: 300 - 500 words approximately.

Description: The two tasks (Part A & B) require you to work both individually and as part of a group in applying the Giving Voice to Values framework to a given scenario.

You need to complete both the individual and the group requirements to pass this assessment.

Groups and Scenario allocation:

Your lecturer will let you know which group of students you will work with for this assessment task. Your lecturer will assign each group a scenario.

Group Presentation dates:
Group presentations will take place during Week's 5-7. Your lecturer will inform you of the exact date and time for your group's presentation.

Task A: Your task is to prepare an individual, written, action plan and you must submit this to the lecturer one week BEFORE your group presentation (Week 4).

1. Read "Ways of thinking about our values" and "Giving Voice to Values: A brief introduction" which are available on the Moodie site for this course - See Assignment 1 resources

2. Read the scenario your group has been assigned.

3. Place yourself in the position of the person in your assigned scenario: what should you say, to w om, when and how?

4. In order to answer these questions consider the following:

What are the main ethical dilemmas raised in the scenario?

What are the main arguments you are trying to counter? That is, what are the reasons rationalizations you need to address?

What is at stake for the key parties (including those who disagree with you)?

What levers/arguments could you use to influence those with whom you disagree? What is your most powerful and persuasive response to the reasons and onalizations you need to address? To whom should the arguments be made? When and what context?

Discussion Questions

- What are the main arguments Ben is trying to counter? That is, what are the reasons and rationalizations you need to address?
- What's at stake for the key parties, including those with whom Ben disagrees?
- What levers/arguments can Ben use to influence those with whom he disagrees?
- What is Ben's most powerful and persuasive response to the masons and rationalizations he needs to address?

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This report is prepared examine the ethical and legal duties of an accountant who works for a non profit organization.The report also analyses the stakeholders for whom an accountant is accountable. Finally, the report concludes that it is a bounded duty of an accountant to speak against the irregularities within and outside the organization.

Reference no: EM132185113

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