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1.Compare and contrast parenting infants and babies, parenting children, parenting teenagers, and parenting adults. Explain how parenting demands vary across time and how social factors outside of the immediate family (e.g., peer pressure, status, etc.) influence those demands. Be sure to focus on the research findings in your discussion, rather than the prevalent myths and mis-perceptions about parenting different ages.

2.Write an essay addressing domestic violence in which you describe the cycle of violence. Include in your essay the role of power in domestic abuse and describe commonalities among victims (e.g., women, children, elderly). What cultural values (historical and contemporary) impact this situation? What changes/policies/laws do you suggest to address domestic violence and why do you think they will work? (Be sure to include proactive as well as reactive solutions.)

3.Compare and contrast first marriages and remarriages. Your essay should include the following points: Are there differences in success rates? Levels of marital satisfaction? Problems? When remarriages form stepfamilies, what specific problems are produced? Strengths?

4.Write a well-developed essay in which you discuss the roles that grandparents are increasingly taking on as surrogate, providing the regular care of, or replacing the parents in raising, their grandchildren. Who are these surrogate grandparents? Why is the surrogate role increasing for grandparents? What types of roles do these grandparents play? What are the future implications for families?

Reference no: EM131345111

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