What are the common selection methods

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1. What are the common selection methods used in your organization?

2. After reading the case study -General Electric after GE Capital what are the resources of general electric after GE capital?

3. Do you prefer to work on a Laptop or Desktop computer? Provide the reason for your selection.

Reference no: EM132280880

Special type of contract that prohibits commerce directly

A covenant not to compete is a special type of contract that prohibits commerce directly in the business world. There are, essentially, two primary types of contracts not to c

Evaluate netflix current strategy

Evaluate Netflix's current strategy and determine if the strategy is sustainable. Identify a Netflix strength may be leveraged in the market place to ensure a competitive ad

What is meant by the term administrative state

What is meant by the term "administrative state"? In your opinion, when did the administrative state first start to arise? Additionally, how effective, in your opinion, have t

Personal opinion of the issues in the two cases

What is your personal opinion of the issues in the two cases? Should tobacco companies have moral obligations to stakeholders? Are there ethical reasons why tobacco companies

Occupational safety and health review commission decisions

Analyze and brief an Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission decisions by Administrative Law Judges or Commissioners. You can access these decisions from the Occupa

What would her forecast be using the naive method

Pumpkin Pies Galore is trying to forecast sales of pies for the month of December. Demand for pies in September, October, and November has been 217, 316, and 396, respectively

Threats that mattel faced in global competitive environment

The global toy industry is a very competitive environment and accounts for $10 billion a year in sales. Mattel, the world's largest global toy company, has earned billions of

Ethical leadership and performance

Create five to seven (5-7) questions to ask your chosen leader to determine his / her views of motivation, ethical leadership and performance. What is one of the greatest lead


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