What are the characteristics of good programs

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Program Evaluation

Duration: 7 days Topic : Foundations of Program Evaluation



1. Conceptualize the nature of program evaluation.

2. Critique the current state of program evaluation.

Topic Material:

Lecture Note1. Lecture 1

Read Lecture 1.

 Lecture 1

Textbook1. Program Evaluation: An Introduction

Read Chapter 1.


Gradable Items Details Points Possible

Discussion Questions Module 1 DQ 2

Are objective measures the best ways to assess a program? Why or why not? 6.0

Module 1 DQ 1

What are the characteristics of good programs? How can an assessment identify these qualities? 6.0

Participation 18.0

Program Evaluation

Details This course is an introduction to the logic and methods of modern social program evaluation. Program evaluation derives from the idea that social programs should have demonstrable effects, and those effects should in some way outweigh the costs of the program. This course focuses on theoretical and strategic issues in designing and implementing formative or summative evaluations, including assessment of fidelity to a model and assessment of impact, with special attention to the effects of the sociocultural context in which the intervention takes place.

Credit Hours 3.0

Pre-requisites None

Co-requisites None

Course Add-Ons Textbook1. Program Evaluation: An Introduction

Royse, D., Thyer, B. A., & Padgett, D. K. (2016). Program evaluation: An introduction (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781305101968


Electronic Resource1. DC Network

Use the DC to:

• Locate dissertation forms and templates.

• Discuss dissertation topics and resources.

• Connect to the scholarly community.


Additional Material1. Discussion Forum Philosophy

Review "Discussion Forum Philosophy" and use it to guide the completion of your participation in the Main Forum.

2. Library Resources for Doctoral Learners

If you have not done so already, view the "Library Resources for Doctoral Learners" tutorial.



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Duration: 7 daysTopic 1: Foundations of Program Evaluation

Duration: 7 daysTopic 2: Planning Program Evaluation

Duration: 7 daysTopic 3: Types of Program Evaluation

Duration: 7 daysTopic 4: Qualitative Methods of Program Evaluation

Duration: 7 daysTopic 5: Quantitative Methods of Program Evaluation

Duration: 7 daysTopic 6: Analyzing and Interpreting Program Evaluation Data

Duration: 7 daysTopic 7: Writing Program Evaluation Reports

Duration: 7 daysTopic 8: Ethical Dissemination of Evaluation Information

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Reference no: EM131443638

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