What are some reasons why diversification fails to add value

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1. You are operations manager of a pharmaceutical firm. identify 2 stakeholders who are not your customers or suppliers and explain why is it so important consider each stakeholder's interest?

2. Select an organization you are familiar with or one you are interested in working for. Conduct research on the company and determine what type of organizational structure does it have. Do you think this is the best structure for this organization? Why? ( See content in BUS 100 to help in addressing this question.)

3. What are some reasons why diversification fails to add value. Which one do you beleive is most common? Which is least?

Reference no: EM132280649

Explain your proposed approach for conducting the research

Explain your proposed approach for conducting the research that is necessary to develop quality deliverables, and explain how the information gleaned will support your caree

A higher inventory turnover is usually appreciated

Bullwhip effect refers to the amplification of demand variability from the downstream to the upstream of a supply chain. Local optimization is a possible cause of Bullwhip eff

Logistics concept that emphasizes teamwork

One concept that has yet to really be fully explored is that of integrated logistics management -- the logistics concept that emphasizes teamwork not only within the organizat

Evaluate three models of contemporary leadership

Create a group of four standards that you will use to evaluate leadership models. For example, one standard might be: It has been shown to lead to improved performance. Use th

For production planning purposes

The Delight Dairy Company produces a broad line of dairy products. For production planning purposes, the company has been aggregated into two major products: Ice Cream and Spe

What was the basis of stanfords defense

How did SIB's status as an "offshore Bank" facilitate Stanford's alleged fraud? Why would investors be willing to sacrifice immediate access to the funds they deposited with S

Young man gave driver license to officer with shaking hands

The young man gave his driver’s license to the officer with shaking hands. Richard must have almost answered a hundred ads before he found a job. Stan bought a sports car from

What are the three health care options of tricare

This week we will discuss TRICARE and managed care Workers Comp. programs. Be sure to answer questions for both of these topics in your initial response to the discussion boar


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