What are its threshold-distinctive and dynamic capabilities

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Based on the data from the 'Rocket internet-will the compycat be imitated?" case use the frameworks from the chapter and analyse the strategic capabilities of rocket internet.

a) what are its resources and competences?

b) what are its threshold, distinctive and dynamic capabilities?

Reference no: EM131039449

Which implementing tqm tools would be ineffective

TQM tools are costly to implement, and there are concerns on their effectiveness. Have you come across a scenario, from your company or any other organization with which you a

What is their labor productivity for the same mix of orders

What is their multifactor productivity for these orders in the prestigious Edmond Oaks neighborhood? Which of the service combinations they are providing is their most product

What is leadership-balancing growth and sustainability

What is leadership? According to J. Richard Hackman, the best way to understand leadership is to view leadership, not as a direct impact on success, but first focus on the def

Categories of medical staff in a community hospital setting

Healthcare administrators need a solid understanding of physicians and their medical staff activities. Explain the typical categories of medical staff in a community hospital

Illustrate what other factors are relevant to this issue

Illustrate what o r factors are relevant to this issue. Elucidate how do changes in assumptions mentioned by o r managers affect proposal. Illustrate what position should Jim

Workforce planning and staffing

Imagine and describe a staffing system for a job in which no measures are used. / Explain the ways that the following 3 initial assessment methods are similar and in what ways

Briefly discuss the marketing research process

Briefly discuss the marketing research process. How can a firm leverage its marketing information systems (MIS) to yield the greatest value for its research efforts? Your disc

Many marketing sections should be entitled field of dreams

In business plans, many marketing sections should be entitled "Field of Dreams" because many entrepreneurs assume that if "I build the product, they will buy it." In a three-


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