What are common dimensions used to stratify quality data

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What are typical causes of Trends? Cycles? Jumps? Concentration of points near the control limits?

How do you stratify Quality Data? What are common dimensions used to stratify Quality Data?

Know the pros and cons of Attribute data and they types of charts you use with this data. Know examples of Attribute data.

Know the pros and cons of Continuous (Variable) data. Know examples of Variable data.

Know the difference between Control Limits and Specification Limits.

What 3 characteristics must be present in a process in order for that process to be adding value?

Define Variation, Standard Deviation, Sample and Population.

Know the different parts of the House of Lean.

Know the 7 deadly wastes and examples of each in manufacturing and service environments.

Subject matter on first 3 quizzes are fair game.

Reference no: EM132234772

What is the principle of an inventory control system

What Is the Principle of an Inventory Control System? What are the goals and objectives of an Inventory Control System? What is a Push Inventory System? What is a Pull Invento

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All land within the municipality of Springfield is zoned for either agricultural, residential or commercial use. You have just purchased a parcel of agricultural land for $20,

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Discuss the effect of any seasonal factors utilizing the process performance data collected each week. Discuss the confidence intervals also their usefulness based on the numb

A bump in the road and ethics in action

You love your job and the people you work with, and so far, everything has been going along smoothly. But you just discovered a business practice that is questionable, if not

Preparing performance appraisal on clerical employee

What errors might one make when preparing the performance appraisal on a clerical employee? How might you avoid these errors? Please conduct research to support your answer, c

Improve as part of quality or six sigma initiative

What types of defects or errors might the following organizations measure and improve as part of a quality or Six Sigma initiative? a. A department store such as WalMart or Ma

Discuss the potential risks and circumstances to use a wbs

Describe the elements of the project plan that depend on the WBS, and provide examples of any four. Discuss the potential risks and circumstances under which it might be app

Characteristics of good requirements

Determine whether each of the following requirements is adequate. If it is not, state the reason(s) and rewrite the requirement so that it meets the characteristics of good re


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