What alternate budget-classification systems

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What alternate budget-classification systems are possible for the School of Public Affairs at Enormous State University? Identify (a) the measurable performance activities, programs, and outcomes for which the School might be responsible, (b) the budget classifications you would prescribe for each, and (c) the problems you would encounter in assigning spending to the categories.

Reference no: EM131040592

Motivate companies to evaluate training programs

How might course design differ for baby boomers compared to GenXers? Which design would you prefer and why? What can be done to motivate companies to evaluate training program

About how costs are distributed over life span of project

Top management has accepted the schedule created at the end of Part 2. Prepare a brief memo that addresses the following questions: How much will the project cost? What is the

Directing and managing project execution

Describe practices that should be followed in directing and managing project execution. What are deliverables such an important output of project execution? What are some of t

Explain the hierarchy of managers

Explain the "hierarchy of managers." Explain the roles of each of the three levels. What are the common characteristics of all companies? Can a manager have operation responsi

Explain how many seats should super discount overbook flight

If flight is overbooked, airline has a policy of getting customer on next available flight also giving person a free round-trip ticket on a future flight. Cost of round-trip

Ethical consideration with respect to agency theory

The issue of __________ is an important ethical consideration with respect to agency theory. Which strategy for exercising relational influence can be described as "using the

Discuss why factors of production move internationally

Briefly discuss why factors of production move internationally. Do you think it is wise for factors of production to move? Do you think with the movement of these factors it w

Familiar with in which a leader was very ineffective

Think about a situatiion you are familiar with in which a leader was very ineffective. What sources of power did this leader have? Did the leader have enough power to influenc


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