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Suppose that during the ith day of December, the energy Xi stored by a solar collector is well modeled by a Gaussian random variable with expected value 32 - i/4 kW-hr and standard deviation of 10 kW-hr. Assuming the energy stored each day is independent of any other day, what is the PDF of Y, the total energy stored in the 31 days of December?

Reference no: EM131084134

Calculate the importance score sum for option a

Identifies four criteria and their corresponding percentage weights. Option A has ranks as shown in the table below: Calculate the importance score sum for option A?

Hypothesis testing-maker of refrigerators

The maker of refrigerators buys bolts from two suppliers, and it is very important that the mean widths of the bolts received from both suppliers are equal since they must b

Displayed in front of the dealership

A car dealership has 8 red, 13 silver, and 5 black cars on the lot. Ten cars are randomly chosen to be displayed in front of the dealership. Complete parts (a) through (c) b

Amount of total claims over a period of days

Find the probability that the amount of total claims over a period of 100 days is at least $150,000. (Use the fact that the sum of independent normally distributed random va

Probability a randomly selected service call cost

Service calls for major repairs are more expensive. Sixty percent of service calls for major repairs cost the customer $300 or more. What is the probability that a randomly

Describe ways in which test groups might not representative

Describe some ways in which the test groups might not be representative of the population of people with arthritis. If the company itself paid for or conducted its own researc

Interval captures the true population mean

For each of the sample means listed, use the standard error of10.23 to find a 95% confidence interval and state whether or not the interval captures the true population mean

Approximate the distribution of the data

The data here are counts, so they are discrete, however, one might try to approximate the distribution with a continuous distribution. What distribution(s) might approximat


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