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In your Introduction, discuss how TWC can be maintain its competitive advantage with its weather-centric running app now that public weather datasets are available. What other data could TWC incorporate into the OutSider app to make it the go-to running app and a source of premium advertising revenue?

In your Analysis, describe how TWC can continue to leverage mobile apps to further monetize its significant investment in its weather data. What additional mobile use cases should they pursue? Why?

In your Conclusion, recommend if The Weather Company should expand its efforts developing consumer apps or focus on its professional services division, offering weather and biometeorological analytics to its business customers. Can TWC effectively do both?

Reference no: EM131287977

Synthesize appropriate current research

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Resource: The Practice of Public Relations textbook,University Library, Internet Select one of the following case studies located in The Practice of Public Relations.

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For this assignment, you will be reviewing revenue cycle management and the various reimbursement methodologies that may affect the facility's or the provider's bottom line.

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