Wal-mart owns the 3pl component

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Wal-Mart owns  the 3PL component, the distribution component, and the retail store component in its supply chain. Discuss why Wal-Mart doesn't hire a 3PL firm and a distribution firm to do business with.



Reference no: EM13851612

Explain theories for making moral decisions

Critically analyse and discuss the use of consequentialist and nonconsequentialist theories for making moral decisions in an organisational context. In answering the above q

More effective for shaping long-term ethical behavior

Which do you think would be more effective for shaping long-term ethical behavior in an organization: a written code of ethics combined with ethics training or strong ethical

Both globally and locally in the global automobile industry

The academic literature on alliances has some interesting recent findings, one of which is the rationale that because firms are often located in the same country, and often in

Make the recruiting-placement function of hr more efficient

Team - Let's think about this in a little detail. How do you track all of this information without an HRIS? An HRIS really does make the recruiting and placement function of H

What data does the company capture and have available

Research a sizable company or search the Internet for a company's marketing department and specifically, address the following considerations. What data does the company cap

EOQ value increase or decrease and by what percentage

In the basic EOQ model, if the cost of placing an order doubles (ordering cost), and all other values remain constant, will the EOQ value increase or decrease and by what perc

Strategic management affect organizational decision

What benefits does a strategic management process bring to a health care organization. How does strategic management affect organizational decision making and financial perfor

The everyday usage of the idea of organization design

Which organizational design discussed in this course do you see most often discussed in articles appearing in daily newspapers and other news sources? What seems to be the eve


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