Vulnerability in the marketplace of downloaded applications

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Please will you be able to assist me with Information Security engineering.

There two discussion questions, each answer to the discussion question must have at least three references using Harvard referencing style.

Q1:  Near field communication (NFC) promises a contactless transfer of your money or information by your mobile phone equipped with a small NFC chip to move important data from A to B: person-to-person, institution-to-institution. For this Discussion, you will research the topic of NFC for answers regarding its validity as a secure system of data transfer.

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Summarise your findings from your research of NFC. Consider the possible simple communication configurations between two devices A and B, and identify possible applications for NFC for each configuration. After researching the possibility of MitM attacks, analyse other possible security attacks for NFC and how to protect against such attacks.

Q2: Vulnerability in the marketplace of downloaded applications (Focused Discussion)

Productivity and sales of downloadable applications online are central to today's online economy and culture. The broad accessibility of these applications and the spontaneity of purchase support the creation and development of these applications and services which enrich everyday lives. Still, the most accessible and trusted online sites and devices can be vulnerable to breaches of security and scams.

In 2014, Google identified a scam antivirus application on its Google Play store. The scam application duped fooled 10,000 users before Google became aware and took action (Zorabedian, 2014). For this Discussion, you will review and scrutinise your own interaction with, purchase of and use of applications from online stores. What are your personal and professional experiences and concerns? Do you see any subtle or obvious structural problems?


Zorabedian, J. (2014) Google takes down fake anti-virus app that duped 10,000 users on Play Store [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 16 May 2014).

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Identify a specific smartphone application from one of your own devices or a device with which you are familiar. Analyse potential security problems (including privacy concerns) and any solutions for those problems you use or could use. List your general suggestions for users when searching for mobile applications from online stores (e.g. Google Play or Apple App Store).

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Reference no: EM13858825

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