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During the first 13 weeks of the television season, the Saturday evening 8:00 9:00 P.M. audience proportions were recorded as ABC 30% , CBS 27%, NBC 23%, and independents 20%. A sample of 300 homes two weeks after a Saturday night schedule revision yielded the following viewing audience data: ABC 95 homes, CBS 64 homes, NBC 82 homes, and independents 59 homes. Test with 0.05 to determine whether the viewing audience proportions changed.

Round your answers to two decimal places.

Test statistic =

p-value is between - Select your answer -

less than .005

between .005 and .01

between .01 and .025

between .025 and .05

between .05 and .10

greater than .10

Item 2


- Select your answer -

There is no significant change in the viewing audience proportions.

There is a significant change in the viewing audience proportions.

Item 3

Reference no: EM132184475

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