Using the normal approximation to the binomial

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Find the probability using Normal approximation to the Binomial.

If x is a binomial random variable where n = 100 and p = .1, find the possibility that x is less than or equal to 10 using the normal approximation to the binomial.

Reference no: EM1316159

What are demand characteristics

1. What is meant by the sensitivity of a dependent measure? What are ceiling and floor effects?- What are demand characteristics? Describe ways to minimize demand characterist

Metabolic rates in caterpillars

Metabolic rates in caterpillars. Professor Harihuko Itagaki and his students have been measuring metabolic rates in tobacco hornworm caterpillars (Manduca sexta) for years.

Determine proportion of passengers who book tickets online

If appropriate, use the Marascuilo procedure and α = .01 to determine which, if any, year groups are significantly different in the proportion of passengers who book tickets

Find sales representatives in pharmaceutical industry sample

If you must estimate the population mean within 2 days, how many sales representatives in the pharmaceutical industry should you sample? Use the 90% confidence interval.

Mean amount wagered by all patrons

Suppose that the mean amount wagered by all patrons is $287 with a standard deviation of $15. You should give free accomodations to those individuals who wager over how much

Determining the proportion of cultures

She constructed a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of cultures that are alive after 48 hours and got (0.828, 0.872). Which of the following is the most appropriate

A linear programming model for finding an optimal policy

Each year Ms. Fontanez has the chance to invest in two different no-load mutual funds: the Go-Go Fund or the Go-Slow Mutual Fund. At the end of each year, Ms. Fontanez liqui

Characteristics of the iq test

Normal distribution is the most important type of distribution in the real world and applies to many different areas. For example--the IQ test is normally distributes, Can y


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