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Prepare a 2 to-3 page paper (body). The body of the paper should have 300 words per page, double spaced and 1" margins. Include a title page and reference page. No More! APA format is not necessary but you must have 5 references and have citations referring to them. Respond to the following topic: Tablets and Business: Tablets are quickly changing work habits and the way businesses operate. How are businesses using tablets in their business systems? Describe at least 4 “real life” specific examples of how a particular business uses tablets in their business processes. What are the advantages of tablets for businesses? What are the disadvantages for a company? Are there ethical and security considerations? Do you think that tablets can replace laptops and desktop PCs as the number one productivity tool for businesses? Click on the Citations Folder in the Rubrics and Grading Criteria (main menu) for help with references and citations. Click on Writing Rubric in the Rubrics and Grading Criteria (main menu) to see how this assignment is graded.

Reference no: EM131039904

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