Using seniority to allocate employment opportunities

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Should permanent strike replacements be prohibited? How about temporary replacements? Public debates are typically all or nothing: organized labor argues for a total ban and business defends the status quo of allowing them in all economic strikes. How can these positions be modified to find a suitable compromise? Also, does the doctrine of decertification elections and strike replacements need reforming? If so how?

Seniority is central in many private and public sector union contracts. What are the advantages to both employers and employees of using seniority to allocate employment opportunities? What are the disadvantages? How can a balance be struck between the interest of employers and employees?

Reference no: EM132185167

Draw the aon project network

Draw the AON project network using Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, or some other tool capable of creating such a network. Perform a critical path analysis for the networ

Relationships in negotiation

Conflict Mgmt & Negotiation: D8 -Relationships in Negotiation There are varying viewpoints of negotiations. No one method may work for all situations. Generally speaking, indi

Factors impact the authors ability to influence audience

Authors (in either written or oral communication) who are trying to persuade an audience or argue a certain point may use fallacies to support the points being made. How does

Discuss the inputs required for the mrp process

Discuss the inputs required for the MRP process and the role played by the bill of materials. This is all true here- tell me if that is the case what is the relationship betwe

Why do some business use a panel interview

Why do some business use a panel interview for selecting new employees? Briefly describe an individual's legal alternatives when he is positive that his employer has not promo

Describe what is meant by resource leveling or smoothing

Describe what is meant by resource leveling or smoothing. Why is it used? When is it used? Describe what is meant by resource limited scheduling. Why is it used? When is it us

Based on the principles of expectancy theory described

Martina Bates is the newly hired orchestra teacher at Middletown School District in rural Sparta, Kansas. After graduating from the Juilliard School of Music, Martina had inte

Report on an innovative total rewards best practice

This research project is an opportunity to research and report on an innovative Total Rewards “best practice” that an organization is using. Some potential topics are:


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