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A legal researcher is studying the age distribution of juries by comparing them with the overall age distribution of available jurors. The researcher claims that the jury distribution is different from the overall distribution; that is, there is a noticeable age bias in jury selection in this area. The table shows the number of jurors at a county court in one year and the percent of persons residing in that county, by age. Use the population distribution to find the expected juror frequencies. Test the researcher's claim at α = 0.01.

Reference no: EM13156919

Statistics-hypothesis questions

A researcher claims that the average age of people who buy lottery tickets is 70. A sample of 30 is selected and their ages are recorded as shown below. The standard deviati

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A researcher would like to determine whether an over-the-counter cold medication has an effect on mental alertness. A sample of n = 16 participants is obtained and each pers

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A set-dominant master-slave flip-flop has set and reset inputs. It differs from a conventional master-slave SR flip-flop in that, when both S and R are equal to 1, the flip-fl

Association between time of year and nighttime temperature

Is there an association between time of year and the nighttime temperature in North Dakota?- What might you expect the correlation between DayNumber and Temperature to be? Exp

Point estimators-trimmed mean

A random sample of 20 vice presidents of Fortune 500 firms is taken. The amount each vice president paid in federal taxes as a percentage of gross income is determined.

Calculate the chi-square test statistic

In a three-digit lottery, each of the three digits is supposed to have the same probability of occurrence (counting initial blanks as zeros, e.g., 32 is treated as 032). Cal

Account for results of previous two cycles of simulation

Prepare a 350-word memo to Myra Reid, the Vice President of Production at Blue Inc. Inform Myra of your forecasts and explain the reasons for your decision.

Compare the mean to the median

Explain how the summary statistics show us that at least 25% of the respondents said that they do not use e-mail.- What is the interval that contains the lower 50% of the resp


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