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In 2005 IBM had a return on equity of 26.7 percent, whereas Hewlett-Packard's return was only 6.4 percent. Use the decomposed ROI framework to provide possible reasons for this difference based on the data below:
Sales/Net Assets
Effective After-Tax Interest Rate
Net Financial Leverage

Reference no: EM13943410

Write a short concise stock recommendation report

Write a short concise stock recommendation report for a firm in which you would recommend as a buy. You are correct that this is not an investments class but as you take a loo

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions

What special issues can arise in executing the cross-border acquisition and in ultimately meeting your objectives for the successful combination?

External factor of economic conditions can be overcome

If the organization has the supplies it needs then functions of the employees are not hinders however, if supplies are scarce, then staff will not be able to perform duties

Is the yield increasing decreasing or unchanged

Is the yield increasing, decreasing or unchanged? In qualitative terms, discuss how the applicability of the dividend discount model is affected by changes in the dividend f

Receive a cost of bankruptcy

When a firm defaults on its debt, debt holders often receive less than 50% of the amount they are owed. Is the difference between the amount debt holders are owed and the am

How would the speculation be arranged using forward markets

The spot rate for the Danish krone is USD0.1500 and the three-month forward rate is USD0.1505. Your company is prepared to speculate that the Danish krone will move to USD0.

Why do individual bolts relax a bit when first tightened

Name several factors that can increase the relaxation ? Which will tend to loose more preload after initial tightening, a short bolt or a long bolt? 8. What are the implicat

Five annual payments-adjusted for inflation

You would like to receive an equivalent of $10,000 in today's dollars at the start of the year for the next five years. Assuming that inflation will average 3% over during t


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