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1. A company's responsibilities can be described as being four–fold: 1. economic; 2. legal; 3. ethical; 4. discretionary. List an example of how Wal–Mart meets or shirks its responsibilities in each category.

2. Does packaging matter more for some categories than for others? Why? Please give one example of a product that use packaging to create a competitive edge?

3. You have been asked to evaluate the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows for a firm. If you had to choose only three financial ratios to conduct your preliminary analysis, which three ratios would you choose and why?

Reference no: EM132234319

Theories of justice

Theories of justice often comprise three categories: Retribution (Deserts Theory), Utilitarianism (Results Theory), and Restitution (Compensation Theory). In a three-page anal

Attempt to resolve conflicts

In fact, the new ownership expects that there will be some who lose their jobs because of these issues; however, that is a last resort. Use all your skills to negotiate with

Identify functional organization you are working

Identify functional organization you are working in, list at least three questions you would ask, also for each question briefly explains why question is pertinent to your b

What is the highest sigma rating

Acme (NC) has long used a central telephone/Internet customer support center based in Jamaica. Data collected by the center show that last year, all but five (5) of every 100,

What role should human resources play in creating

What role should human resources play in creating the environmental aspects of an organization that affect the physical surrounding of the organization, its culture, and the

As part of being credible activist

As part of being a Credible Activist, there are four factors identified; They are, earning trust through results, influencing and relating to others, improving through self-aw

Develop a 95 percent confidence interval for average price

As the new manager of the data verification unit at the Star Tribune, you need to develop a 95 percent confidence interval for the average price of regular unleaded gasoline

Multiple choice questions - labor relatuons

An arbitration procedure examines the prearbitration, arbitrator selection, conduct of the arbitration hearing, preparing and rendering an award, and the magnitude of arbitrat


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