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If you use on-line marketing communication (remember you are a store owner on Taobao selling New Zealand products), discuss what you should to in order to evaluate your plan's effectiveness. (at least 3 types of on-line metrics).

Reference no: EM131033251

Predict future business performance

Imagine that you are a business manager for a mid-sized company. Propose one (1) overall strategy to build an effective business model in order to both monitor / control chang

Determine upper and lower limits for mean and range charts

Checkout time at a supermarket is monitored using a mean and a range chart. Six samples of n = 20 observations have been obtained and the sample means and ranges computed:

Cycles of stopwatch study

A worker-machine operation was found to involve 3.6 minutes of machine time per cycle in the course of 40 cycles of stopwatch study. The worker’s time averaged 2.2 minutes per

Perform a decision tree analysis of this problem

Mountain States Electric Service is an electrical utility company serving several states in the Rocky Mountains region. It is considering replacing some of its equipment at

Stock rewards for top performers and the boot

Do you think that big cash and stock rewards for top performers and “the boot” for poor performers is the appropriate way to manage talent in this type of high-tech business?

Protection using leads obtained from client banks

A company offers ID theft protection using leads obtained from client banks. Three employees work 40 hours a week on the leads, at a pay rate of $25 per hour per employee. Eac

Companies possess limited budgets to fund employee benefits

Companies possess limited budgets to fund employee benefits. From an employee’s perspective, which employee benefits practices should be funded? Which are easily dispensable?

How does this compare with the education signaling models

Suppose that a delivery person named Clifford (player 2) is to deliver a package to a house with a chihuahua (player 1) in the yard. The yard around the house is fenced, but t


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