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Use Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a foundation for discussing the following four situations: 

Situation 1: Todd Jamison has heard a rumour that his job may be eliminated next month. His boss, Lucia Conti, is considering moving Todd to a more prestigious office in an effort to motivate higher performance in him.

Situation 2: Hannah Saltzman has been with the company for twenty-five years. She makes very good money and is extremely competent at her job. She sat last week with her boss, Arthur Simms, and said that her job just wasn't challenging her. She had received an intriguing job offer from a competitor. She explained that she wanted to stay with the company, but would really like to be tackling some new problems. Arthur Simms offered her a twenty-five percent raise to stay.

Situation 3: The Williams family is extremely poor. They have five children, and the children are always hungry, never sure when, or even if, they will see their next meal. Parents of other children in the neighbourhood can't understand why the Williams children show little interest in friendships or playing nicely with their peers.

Situation 4: Brett Calder works in a technical capacity in Silicon Valley. People with his programming skills are in high demand. He is being paid somewhat less than the going rate in neighbouring companies, but until recently, he has been taking advantage of the company's tuition assistance program to pursue his graduate degree. He has now earned his degree and is meeting with Alice Watkins from Human Resources to discuss his changed status. She offers him a small hourly increase and guaranteed job security.

Reference no: EM1321135

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