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For a particular sample of 50 scores on ap psychology exam, the following results were obtained. First quartile = 67 Third quartile = 91 Standard deviation = 9 Range = 48 Mean = 75 Median = 80 Mode = 81 Midrange = 74 Answer each of the following; show all work. What score was earned by more students then any other score? Why? What is the highest and lowest score earned on the exam? According to Chebyshev's Theorem, how many students scored between 57 and 93? Assume that the distribution is normal. Based on the Empirical Rule, how many students scored between 57 and 93?

Reference no: EM13149474

Difference between ordinal level and inteval level variable

The primary difference between an ordinal level and inteval level variable is: an ordinal level variable has a meaningful zero point while the inteval level variable has no ze

Represent the entire population of parents

1. You are the principal of a large urban high school and wish to do a parent survey to determine how parents feel about same-sex classes. Your budget does not allow you to

Probaboloty related to capacity of the plane

An airline estimates that 90% of people booked on their flights actually show up. If the airline books 71 peopleon a flight for which the maximum number is 69, what is the p

What happen if forest service agent took another tree sample

What would happen if the forest service agent took another sample of 31 trees? Would the slope change? Would the intercept change? What about a third sample of 31 trees?

Value of the test statistic

A 95% confidence interval is wider than a 90% confidence interval of the same parameter. In a right-tailed test, the value of the test statistic is 1.5. If we know the test s

Essentials of modern business statistics

Case study on Page 635-636 of the text BOOK: (Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Essentials of Modern Business Statistics w/ Microsoft Excel, 5th ed., South-Western College Pub, ISB

Find mean lifetime of light bulbs by manufacturer differ

The mean lifetime of light bulbs made by this manufacturer differs from 55 months? Can we conclude that the mean lifetime of light bulbs made here differs from 55 months?

Proportion of students in the class receive low grade

Percentage grades in a large chemistry class follow a normal distribution with mean 67 and standard deviation 8. (a) What proportion of students in the class receive a grade l


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