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Use the information in the dataset heart.sav to answer the following questions. This file is available under the Assessment/Assignments link on the StudyDesk. 

A researcher is interested in whether the average systolic BP for 60-64 year olds is higher than that of 50-54 year olds.

(a) Using SPSS and the sample information in heart.sav, determine the sample sizes, means and standard deviations of systolic BP for 50-54 year olds and then for 60-64 year olds.

(b) Use an appropriate graph to compare the distribution of systolic BP for 50-54 year olds with that for 60-64 year olds. Label the axes correctly, include unit of measure and provide an appropriate title. Include your name in the title of your graph. Briefly describe the two distributions.

Attachment:- 199320_1_Assignment-3-S112.pdf

Reference no: EM13273788

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