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Psychology assignment

Read the article, complete a write up that specifically answers the following questions. All responses should be entirely in your own words (e.g., no quotes are allowed). Be sure to fully explain your response for each question!

Your assignment must be double spaced with 1" margins and typed in size 12 Times New Roman font. One point will be awarded for submissions that are correctly formatted and use appropriate spelling/grammar throughout.

1. What was this article about? Provide a brief synopsis of the article, being sure to describe the research question, the relevant background research supporting this research question, the method, the results, and the overall conclusions made by the researchers.

2. Identify a new, testable hypothesis based on the work described in this article. Note that you cannot propose a full replication of the work described in the article. Your hypothesis must expand on or consider a variation of the research question.

3. Briefly explain how you might design a study to test your hypothesis. Identify the following information:

a. Your two variables and how you propose measuring each

b. Whether you would use a quantitative or qualitative study and why

c. Whether you would use an experimental or descriptive study and why

d. Whether you would use a laboratory, field, or field experiment and why

Reference no: EM13780526

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