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The learning outcome for this unit involves the process of developing an information system (IS) for an organization. There are many factors involved in this process, including core activities and the methodologies for managing the process. Project management plays a part as well. Additionally, IS development does not happen in a silo; there is also the business side to consider as part of the process. All of these considerations are brought together and addressed in this assignment. MBA 5401, Management Information Systems 4 Assignment Instructions: For this assignment, you will need to access the CSU Online Library to research two articles concerning information systems development and project management. Drawing on these two articles, your textbook, and other sources, write an essay that addresses the following:

1. Provide a well-formulated thesis statement in your introduction paragraph.

2. Explain how a business user could be involved in the core activities of building an information system.

3. Analyze how software development methodologies (such as agile development) can work in tandem with project management for the benefit of both information systems development projects and organizations.

4. Evaluate how project managers and/or IT managers can ensure that information system development projects are in alignment with business strategies and goals. 5. Summarize your findings in a five-page paper using proper APA formatting.

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