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This unit enables learners to develop an understanding of the methods and techniques used to create civil engineering structures and the skills needed to solve problems associated with civil engineering activities

Background or scenario:

As a site engineer, you have to plan and supervise the activities as to produce the substructure for a six storey building with two basement floors nearby the coast in the city of Thessaloniki.

The subsoil consists of very soft clay and the groundwater level is 1.0 m below the ground level.


  • Select the earthmoving equipment that will be used for the construction of the building. Justify your selection
  • Describe and discuss appropriate techniques to ensure safety before and during the construction of the foundation of the building
  • Illustrate other temporary works required to deal with ground stability and groundwater
  • Describe techniques of installing piling systems as a ground stabilisation method
  • Describe the method of constructing composite piled raft foundation
  • Describe necessary drainage measures (pipes, culverts and other utilities)

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