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1. Which of the following is not a step under process flowchart analysis?

a. Gain management approval for the revised process design

b. Describe the existing transformation process by means of flowcharts and efficiency measurements

c. Define the customers and suppliers for the system

d. Develop a management control information system for the process

e. Implement the new process design

2. Which of the following is not true about lean systems?

a. The lean system is based on the philosophy of eliminating waste and utilizing the full capability of the worker

b. The objective of lean is to improve return on investment

c. Lean has its roots in repetitive manufacturing  

d. In lean, the master schedule, or final assembly schedule, is kept flexible, rather than fixed, to allow work centers to meet work schedules

e. All of the above statements are true

3. Which of the following statements is not true about ISO 9000?

a. ISO is oriented toward compliance or what we have termed, "conformance to quality."

b. ISO is an international body consisting of members from 155 countries around the world

c. ISO specifies that a company must have a quality assurance system in place

d. ISO includes business strategy

e. ISO has had a major impact on worldwide quality practice

4. Analysis of material flows is different than analysis of information flows because:

a. Different symbols are used

b. The purposes are different

c. Material flows only apply to manufacturing

d. Two of the above are true

e. A, B, C are all true

5. A successful implementation of a lean system requires:

a. Gaining the cooperation of workers

b. Beginning at the start of the process and working forward

c. Balancing fabrication rates with final assembly production rates

d. Both A and B

e. Both A and C

f. A, B, and C

6. Hollywood Video is a small video stored located in Minneapolis. It is open 24 hours a day and experiences customers arriving throughout the day. The Video store manager was interested in determining the traffic in his store. This made him conduct a study regarding the arrival process of his customers. He found that the customers arrive uniformly at the rate of 10 customers per hour. The Video Store has a single clerical staff to process the customer request (checkout a video cassette). The clerical staff takes an average of 5 minutes to checkout a customer.

a. If we assume that every incoming customer rents at least one video, what is the average number of customers in the video store? (Little’s Law)

b. For the same assumption, determine the utilization of the clerical staff.

7. Design a service delivery system for a new airline company operating between Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The route between MSP and LAX is extremely competitive with several major airliners providing daily service. How can your design help the new airline company dominate the existing competition?

Reference no: EM13844253

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